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Guess who finished making ryukos scissor blade? THIS BITCH!

Need to put up mmmmooooaaar

shhhh soon when I find the battery for my camera then there will be a LOT more. I have a whole semester of painting to post :) its gonna be grrrreat

Always go sona in urf mode. bot lane never dies and can win the game in 11:00 mins. unfortunately now I have a hand cramp from spamming abilities :(

I had the worst time doing this one. three hours at midnight, while playing league the night before I had to hand it in. DX there’i a lot composition wise wrong with this one I think I’m gonna have to re-do it

The beginnings of my ashe costume :D

From start to finish one of my most recent paintings. oh my god this one was fun. the silver leaf was a little fickle at times but in the end I think it turned out okay :)

process and the roughs for a recent portrait I botched up the snakes big time but hey, it could be worse.

a peek at some line art 

I give up, my computer hates me and nothing is working the way it should. >.> I’m going back to the safety of my pencil screw photoshop

a wip of something I’m working on right now

I swear I’m not dead just overwhelmed with getting all my shit together for university. so here’s a sketch and the beginning of a painting I’m working on. hopefully I’ll have the finished pieces up soon :)

some of my most recent work :)